• Q) Which insurance companies does ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATES accept?
  • A) Click here for a list of insurance companies that list ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATES as preferred providers.
  • Q) What forms will I need to fill out upon my visit?
  • A) You can find these forms on the web page of the the physician you will be visiting. To expedite your visit, please bring your completed forms with you to our office. Click here for a list of our physicians.
  • Q) What will I need to bring on my visit if it is a Self Pay, Worker’s Compensation or Personal Injury/Liability claim?
  • A) You will need the patient’s social security number as well as payment or proper payment arrangements at time of service. For more details, please call us at 201-794-6008.
  • Q) How do I make an appointment?
  • A) Please call our offices to make an appointment. Our New Jersey Office number is 201-794-6008. Appointments can also be requested online, please refer to the “Patient Information” section of this website for the appointment request form.
  • Q) Where are you located?
  • A) Please view our locations section of this website for detailed map.
  • Q) How do I arrange payment?
  • A) As a courtesy, we do submit insurance claims for our patients. It is important that we have your correct insurance information. We also accept cash, checks, debit cards, and VISA or Master Card. We can accept credit card payments by phone.
  • Q)New Patients
  • A)Our patient accounts staff will be happy to discuss your account and arrange a payment plan with you upon your arrival at our offices.
  • Q)Existing Patients
  • A)Please call our patient account representative at 201-794-6008.